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Due to the nature of cow's eating large portions of food without chewing, it leads to conditions known as Hardware Disease. This condition is caused when cows swallow a relatively heavy and sharp object such as nails, wire fencing, etc., which eventually finds its way to the rumen and the reticulum. The contractions from the reticulum can lead to irritation and inflammation, and this infection can potentially be life threatening to the cow.

To protect the cow's stomach from these harsh conditions, stock farmers insert a cow magnet into its stomach to attract these harmful objects.
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Rumax 21 CTM Cow Magnet

TMC Magnetics is the original developer of the Rumax magnet.

RUMAX-21 is the FIRST rumen magnet to produce a strong magnetic grip by combining ferrite magnets and intensifier plates. RUMAX-21's powerful, uniform grip attracts sharp-pointed, ferrous objects parallel to its length. Other conventional cow magnets have magnetic attraction on both ends that allow objects to stick out from those ends only. The RUMAX design offers a much greater magnetic surface area than other rumen cow magnets.

TMC has its patent exclusively in the USA.

With Steel End Caps and Steel Plates (.750" Diameter x 3.00" T)

With Black Plastic End Caps and Steel Plates (.750" Diameter x 3.00" T)

AlNiCo Cow Magnet

w/ Polished Finish

Used for decades by veterinarians and students for school projects, this popular alnico-5 cow magnet is offered in a shiny finish.

Dimensions are .500" Dia x 3.00" T

KennyMaxTM (black and gray coating)

Our latest cow magnet line, this ferrite cow magnet (2.70" L x .725" W x .500" T) with rounded corners comes supplied in polyethylene coating. The unique design attracts sharp, ferrous objects parallel to its length.


Made in Japan.

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